Teaching Methods

Teaching methodology at GCM is virtually modern and student-centered. It is supported by much updated teaching learning techniques that involve active classroom participation of students and faculties. Our multiple teaching methods are: in-depth textual analysis and comprehensive in-class exercises on business cases from national and international business.

Various activities such as tutorials, seminars, library research, self-study, presentations and discussions, study visits, project works, and many more are the most regularly used teaching techniques at GCM. The college places special emphasis on the need to continually learn in this rapidly changing world so that learners are prepared to tackle with real life changes. The exceptional objectives as such can be achieved if learning is not limited to acquisition of knowledge from the text books alone.

All the techniques used at GCM are tested and trusted as being exceptionally active teaching-learning approaches adopted in the progressive and result oriented institutions.


Group Discussion

GCM is founded on the philosophy to excel in the management education and for this, a culture that logically prepares students for making efforts in the team work is a must so that learning minds acquire knowledge of how to deal with varying dimensions of business in groups. In this direction, students are assigned group activities in all subjects by the concerned faculties on regular basis within and off the class hours. Groups are generally given special problems on various topics for the members to actively unfold solutions that the students are instructed to bring about by carrying out intensive and extensive and extensive reviews of the gamut of literature that suit their level of program from +2 through BBS and MBS.


Students are assigned the case studies of business organizations as individual assignment projects in line with class activities so as to comply with the internal evaluation process of the courses from +2 through BBS and MBS. Research based cases are selected for students to attempt analysis and evaluation of the issues presented in the cases. The case studies are level and area specific so that students of all levels can work on them. Concerned faculties are deputed to evaluate students’ aptitude in approaching the cases.



Presentation is a core stream of teaching pedagogy and so has been endorsed in all subjects of management stream such as Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies, Computer Science, Mathematics, Hotel Management, English and Nepali at GCM and is practiced to direct the whole curricula of management so that the human products in their post college life rejoice career fronts as leading managers or entrepreneurs. GCM faculties give studetns freedom to select the topics of their choice in the subject areas in certain frequencies for them to come with the power point presentation. Technical and logistic support to prepare power point presentations on the topics assigned as a part of internal evaluation is identically provided by the faculties, presentation experts and the college administration.


Class Room

GCM emphasizes on entrusting learners with responsibility and modelling them as the responsive individuals who would come out with decent working culture through their career life. In order to address this learning, our students are assigned subject-wise homework and term based assignments. Board exam model question sets are special tools on use for the exam oriented assignments that the students are provided to help them boost their confidence. Besides, real-life learning projects are assigned to students in certain tenure for them to attempt in groups and present their projects before occasional gathering at GCM.



GCM regularly offers its scholars with an opportunity to writing competitions throughout the year. Students themselves are involved in such programs and also publish newsletters and college magazines apart from a wide range of contests like debates, quizzes, music, singing and more… organized at several occasions. Utmost care is given to ensure participation of each student in writing for the college magazine and graduate level students can contribute their survey or research based creations to ;be published in the college journal, and annual research publication involving faculties, researchers and students practically. The college tends to publish brochures, prospectus and news bulletins in combined efforts on behalf of students, faculties, GCM alumni and guest professionals.



Teaching and learning at GCM is virtually supported by high-tech modern technology. The college is equipped with advance digital technology in all its resource areas. The sections as computer lab, library, class rooms, seminar and activity hall, faculty cubes and MIS department are all provided with an access to WiFi and internet facilities. All the active locations of GCM bear the facility of power-point projects, audio-visual, online access facility so that faculties and students feel motivated to be involved in spontaneous study as stepping into GCM entrance gives a feeling of entering an online and academic resource center.