Teaching faculties

The core teaching staff of the college are composed of senior professors, researchers, academicians and executives.

The young, dynamic and potential team under the guidance of seniors works enthusiastically to excel the quality of teaching in overall aspects. Faculty members are highly motivated and dedicated to create conducive learning environment at the college. Therefore, the college has high potentiality to offer a wide range of educational programs to meet and even excel the requirements of our stakeholders. High degree of discipline is maintained by our faculties which have carved a niche for GCM in leading academic environment. This has paved a smooth way to quality education in a quality setting.


Prof. Dr. Prem Raj Pant (International Business & Research Methodology)
M.Com. (TU); FDP (IIM-A); MBA (USA); Ph.D. (India)

Prof. Dr. Pushkar Bajracharya (Marketing & Strategic Management)
M.Com. (TU); B.L. (TU); PGDM (UK); Ph.D. (India)

Prof. Dr. Radhe Shyam Pradhan (Finance)
MBA (TU); FDP (IIM-A); Ph.D. (India); Visiting Fulbright Faculty; Florida State University (USA); Rsch. Scholar. Rikkyo University Japan

Prof. Dr. Azay B. Sthapit (Statistics)
M.Sc., Statistics (TU); Ph.D. (India)

Prof. Dr. Madhav Raj Koirala (Human Resource Management and Entrepreneurship)
MBAC (TU); MBA (UK); Ph.D. (India)

Dr. Khagendra P. Ojha (Accounting)
MBA (TU)-Gold Medalist; Ph.D. (Warsaw University, Poland)

Dr. Ramesh Bajracharya (Managerial Communication)
MA, English (TU); M.Phil. (Pokhara University), Summer SCHOOL (Norway); Ph.D. (TU)

Dr. Tilak Rawal (Economic Policy & Analysis)
MA (TU); Ph.D. (Bangladesh)

Saroj Mishra (Business Environment & Strategic Management)
MBA (TU); MBA (Pakistan)

Hari Kumar Shrestha (Statistics)
M.Sc., Statistics (TU)

Joginder Goet (Accounting)

Santosh Mainali (Finance)

Sharad Shahi (Marketting)
MBA (Pune University, India)

Bishnu Prasad Sharma (Organizational Behaviour and Strategic Management)
MBA (India)

Subekshya Bhandari (Marketing)
MBA (AIT, Thailand)

Nirmal Kumar Neupane (Economics Policy)
MA (TU), M. Phil (TU)

Nar Bahadur Bista (Economic Policy)
MA (TU); M.Phil. Economics (TU), Ph.D.

Ganga Dhar Dahal (Managerial Economics)
M.Sc., Statistics; MA, M.Phill. Economics (TU);Ph.D. (Warsaw University, Poland)

Visiting Faculties
Prof.Dr. Mahendra P. Shrestha
Prof. Dr. Bihari Binod Pokharel
Prof. Dr. Subarna Bajracharya
Dr. Silu Bajracharya
Dr. Manish Thapa
Mr. Bal Krishna Shrestha