Dear prospective scholars and guardians,

ADJ sir11

Choosing where to pursue higher secondary education after SEE is a major decision and often a perplexing one to conscious students and their guardians. I hope your search for an innovative and dynamic college where you can enjoy study in an invigorating atmosphere of learning with optimal academic achievement will end at GCM if you want to build your career in the field of management.

We have a long tradition of academic achievement at GCM, where we set high expectations for each of our students to achieve their full potential, to bring the best out of them and to prepare them ultimately for the challenges ahead in their career and life. We believe there is no short cut to success and therefore, always lay focus on diligence, dedication and discipline while imparting quality education. Consequently our students have been consistently getting phenomenal academic achievements that have added glory to the college by securing high ranks in board exams, getting enrolled in prestigious university programs like CA, BBA, BHM and MBA at home and abroad, and then handling prestigious positions in their professional life and running their own successful business ventures.

Our educational system is designed to enthuse our students through an innovative approach, enlighten them with real life education going far beyond the bookish knowledge, and empower them with valuable life skills to grow into a confident, successful and responsible individual who can lead from the front in an organization and society as well. We strive to ensure the all round development of our students providing them meticulously planned and prepared co-curricular extra-curricular activities throughout the academic session.

I feel proud to express that the college is performing extremely well in all the aspects to ensure academic excellence. The clear vision of the management together with the systematic implementation of the vision and mission by the administration, dedication of the teaching and non-teaching staff, cooperation of parents and the hard work of the students have helped GCM get branded as an excellent centre of excellence for management study.

Our journey towards excellence continues, and I invite all of you to join it for your bright future.

With best wishes

Amba Datt Joshi

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