Prominent Pro-Ed Board Members

Prof. Dr. Prem Raj Pant
Dr. Pant is Professor of Management at the Central Department of Management, Tribhuvan University. He has long experience of teaching, research and educational administration. Dr. Pant has worked as a management and research consultant with many national and international agencies. He has also worked as an examiner of doctoral research of many Indian Universities. Dr. Pant has to his credit many books, research articles and seminar papers. He has also lectured at a number of universities outside Nepal.

Prof. Dr. Pushkar Bajracharya
Dr. Pushkar Bajracharya is Professor of Management at Central Department of Management, Tribhuvan University. He has conducted large number of research works and has also served as an advisor to a number of national and international institutions. He has published a number of researches, analytical and thought provoking articles both in Nepal and aboard. He is the chairperson of Business Administration Subject Committee and a member of Faculty Board at Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University. Dr. Bajracharya is currently an honorable member of National Planning Commission of Nepal.

Dr. Tilak Rawal
Dr. Rawal did Ph. D. from Dhaka University, MS from University of the Philippines, M.A. from Tribhuvan University and a course on Profit Analysis from the United States. He is a former Governor of the Central Bank of Nepal. He has managed several institutions within Nepal and worked for several international bodies such as the World Bank, ADB, OECD, AO, UN and ESCAP as a consultant. He has written dozens of articles and papers for presentation at numerous national and international seminars. He is the Chairman of the management committee of GCM. He is also an honorable member of Constituent Assembly of Nepal.

Prof. Dr. Mohan Bikram Gyawali
Dr. Gyawali is Professor of Chemistry at Tribhuvan University for the last 35 years. At present, he is Executive Director of Research Centre of Applied Science and Technology (RECAST), Tribhuvan University. He has studied in Nepal, USA and Japan. He has published several research papers and articles in journal of national and international repute. He was also a visiting professor at Tel Aviv University, Israel (1992- 94), Trent University, Canada (1995), Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University, Japan (1998-1999).

Prof. Dr. Radhe shyam Pradhan
Dr. Pradhan is Professor at Central Department of Management, Tribhuvan University. He has served as visiting Fulbright Faculty to the College of Business, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida, USA. He has visited University of Hong Kong and Rikkyo University, Tokyo, Japan as a Research Scholar. He has also delivered invited guest lectures at different national and international colleges and university including Utkal University, India and Crummer Graduate School of Business, Rollins College, Orlando, USA.

Prof. Dr. Madhav Raj Koirala
Dr. Koirala is Professor of Management at Tribhuvan University. He has also worked as the Dean of Faculty of Management at Purbanchal University and Program Co-ordinator at M. Phil in Management Program, Tribhuvan University. He has studied in Nepal, England and India. He has been teaching at post-graduate level for the last 31 years. He has published several papers, authored and co-authored various research and text books.

Prof. Dr. Azaya Bikram sthapit
Dr. Sthapit is Professor at Central Department of Statistics Tribhuvan University. He is a renowned statistician in Nepal. He has published several books and several articles. He has studied in Nepal and India. He has published several research papers in journals in Nepal, India and abroad. His paper on Sampling was awarded "The Best Paper Award" in India in 1996. He has also presented research papers in national and international seminars and conferences. He is also involved in several projects as a consultant.

Mr. Bal Krishna Shrestha
Mr. Shrestha, M.Com. from T.U., started his teaching career in finance, marketing and strategic management at Tribhuvan University Colleges. After his teaching career, he established HAMA Iron and Steel Industry, which is now established as HAMA group of industries. HAMA Merchant & Finance Limited is one of the recent establishments under the umbrella of HAMA Group. Mr. Shrestha has remained as the director of several reputed commercial banks in Nepal. He is, now, the chairman of Nepal SBI Bank Limited. He has been serving as different positions at FNCCI. He is known as a successful entrepreneur.

Mrs. Pramila Singh
Mrs. Singh is the founder Principal of English Preparatory School (EPS). She is continuously involved in educational field for the last 37 years. She is also actively involved in several social activities in Nepal. She is also a member of the management committee of GCM.