Admissions are merits based from KG to grade eight. Aptitude tests are conducted at the turn of each academic session to preview student’s level. Decision for approval are fully subject to the technical evaluation of discipline status, willingness to adopt the philosophy and commitment to perform for academic achievements to be screened through written and oral tests of the applicants and interviews with the parents.

The admission procedure is as follows: Scholarship
  • Admission form submission prior to written test
  • Written Test
  • Interviews (student and parents)
  • We invite you to visit the school during the working hours. It is the best way to understand and know more about the school. Please, call the office to schedule a visit.

    The School provides full and practical scholarship on the merit basis. Beside this,, ethnic minorities, needy and disadvantaged groups are also supported with the scholarship program. The scholarship incentives on trend are: 

  • Professional Educators Scholarship: Class wise first rank holders
  • Chairman’s Scholarship: Class wise second rank holders.
  • Valley View English School Scholarship: Class wise third rank holder & fourth rank holder.
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