Our Objective

Students and teachers experts together:

  • demonstrate high-level skills for reasoning and problem solving;
  • have a mastery of the core concepts and factual information needed to function effectively in our current and future society;
  • exhibit an excellent command over communication skills and both verbal and written ability;
  • have an excellent skill of computer and other modern technologies;
  • exhibit positive attitudes toward lifelong learning with high interest beyond classroom teaching and respect self and other for individualized and social values;
  • develop intellectually, aesthetically, physically and morally, within demanding programs that offer a wide range of academic and extra- curricular experiences;
  • employ participatory and innovative approaches with a view to revitalize dilligence as instrumental to success;
  • involve in an environment conducive to intellectual growth leading towards perceptive and independent thinking;
  • utilize the proven and most pertinent resources available along with carefully gradeed and selected teaching materials, textbooks in line with the Government of Nepal curriculum;
  • commit to truth, knowledge, discipline and civic-manners for gracious socialization.

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