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Our mission


Professional Educators Limited (Pro-Ed), publicly incorporated company founded by a group of scholars, educationists and professionals of high reputation, is now publically renown brand of education. The company is governed with a reverend ethical vision that quality and skill oriented education is a fundamental need of new generation in this competitive age of modernization to raise the living standard and economic development ot the nation.

So who are we?


The company, founded on private effots, has significantly been contributing to cater quality education to supplement the need of higher education so far proven inadequate only from public efforts and interventions. The private efforts as such are subject to high regard due to immense support and contribution by assuring the tremendously felt need of quality education at home. In this endeavor, Pro-Ed Ltd. has been steadily speedy on invloving a large number of professionals in its mission of institutionalizing primary to higher education to ensure learning at par with global standard with local social values for the young generation. The corporate objective of Pro-Ed Ltd. is to manage schools, colleges and research institituons to offer quality exucation in a disciplined environment keeping the cost at an affordable level. Under the patronage and direct management of most renowned professors and educationists, Pro-Ed Ltd. is all set to produce talented, hard-working and visionary indivduals to cope with futrue challenges.

The company structure is a per the Company Act 2006 of Nepal. Annual general meeting (AGM) of shareholders is held every year in order to discuss and formulate the plans, projects and policies for the future of the institutions in corporate culture. The promoter shareholders of the company reserve authority to elect governing board of directors for a tenure of four years in the democratic frame. The recent AGM was held in August 2010 and following are the board of directors (BoDs) elected for this tenure:

    • Prof. Dr. Radhe Shyam Pradhan: Chairperson
    • Dr. Tilak Rawal: Director
    • Prof. Dr. Azaya Bikram Sthapit: Director
    • Mr. Ganga Dhar Dahal: Director
    • Mr. Dev Raj Panery: Director
    • Mr. Dorna Lal Puri: Director
    • Mr. Hari Kumar Shrestha: Director
    • Mr. Rajendra Prasad Tripathi: Director
    • Mr. Ram Prasad Dhungana: Director
    • Dr. Khagendra Prasad Ojha: Managing Director
    • Dr. Manish Thapa: International Relations Director
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