Professional Educational Limited


Different Personality and greatest efforts.


Founder Director


Prof. Dr. Prem Raj Panta

GCM is now a growing family of students and staff dedicated to bringing out the best in all of its members. Our aim to provide the finest possible environment for teaching and learning is clear and our record of success is now well known. We are very proud of our achievements, but not in any way complacent. New and improved services for our students are constantly being upgraded. We are striving to make GCM a place for them to develop and realize their ideals. We all look forward to welcoming you at GGM.


Founder Chairman


Prof. Dr. Pushkar Bajracharya

Pro-Ed Ltd. has taken a considerable place in an educational abode that will transform the hidden talents and potentials of an individual to a sound human resource in close collaboration with you all. It is totally committed towards the mission of creating conducive environment that will nurture and develop young minds into capable and deeply motivated human capital. Global College of Management under Pro-Ed Ltd., is committed to instill knowledge, skill, responsibility, discipline and commitment- the five pillars of success. It will be possible only through hard, caring and dedicated efforts of all students, teachers, guardians and parents, management and the community. The college team is highly encouraged to promote interactions with all stakeholders to realize our common ends. This institution is all yours and your participation and cooperation will help realize the goals of human resource development to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. Let us join hands in shaping your wards.




Prof. Dr. Radhe Shyam Pradhan

Since inception Global College of Management under Pro-Ed Ltd. has shown consistent performance in academics and extra-curricular spheres. Pro-Ed Ltd., an umbrella company of GCM, strives constantly to develop this institution into a “CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE” imparting management education to young men and women, grooming their overall personality with the highest emphasis on ethical values and enabling them to face the challenges of the industry and the nation at large. Pro-Ed Ltd., the mother institution of Global College of Management, aims to expand its academic horizon by promoting research institutions in the days to come to explore emerging areas in management with a view to constantly revamp its academic programs.

Education is a dynamic process of humanization to promote analytical ability, independent thinking, and to understand the world and society clearly that must be appropriate to making the youths confident for self employment. The basic purpose of education is to make people competent, and arouse their dormant skill so that they can be active partners in the task of national development. Global College ff Management, vitalized by Pro-Ed Ltd., aims at imparting practice oriented education-having relevance to market force along with holistic development of its students so that they can be suitably employed or can be a good entrepreneur. I welcome you to Global College of Management to pursue your studies in a subject close to your heart from among the wide spectrum of subjects offered by it so that you can be a productive citizen of the society with sound moral values. Wishing you a success in furthering your career.




Dr. Tilak Rawal

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians,
Global College of Management has left no stone unturned to achieving today’s academic height under academically sound management team that vowed to develop GCM into a quality educational institution for those students who aspire to excel and conquer something meaningful in their life professionally. A retrospection view reveals that the progress achieved thus is not far from being decent. We are, however, not being complacent. Identically, I feel confident to reiterate our commitment to promoting close relationship with the business studies and industrial community, making our institution and exciting one to associate with. Dynamic and deserving students of business studies are best served at GCM, we would like to make it loud and clear. In this relatively short period of time, the management team has considerably succeeded in carving out a distinct and unique position for GCM in the educational arena of Nepal. Quality education guaranteed at GCM and the associated costs simply reflect our determination to create a healthy competitive environment in Nepalese education sector. We expect cooperation of everybody in our noble endeavor toward providing affordable quality education in Nepal.


Program Director


Mr. Ganga Dhar Dahal

Dear Students and Guardians,
I fell proud to announce that MBS, TU affiliate post graduate degree at GCM, is indeed a model academic program under operation in direct involvement and supervision of renowned professors and dignitaries from management related subject areas. From my capacity as the program director for this level, I have ever strived to incorporate skill oriented pedagogy apart from the theoretical teaching learning activities, MBS at GCM is completely practical, research based and project oriented program and to attain this end, the scholars are geared to ‘learning by doing’ pattern. The central thrust of the curricula of MBS is placed on the internship, industrial tours, project making and presentation, self expediting of the career prospects under the caring guidance of professors and faculties. Context relevant seminars, workshops and market study exposure programs are part of regular curricula of MBS at GCM. I take pleasure to conclude that MBS at GCM is valuable academic program leading your future to prospective end. I, thus, invite all the potential and career seeking young women and men to gain incredible experience of this opportunity.




Dr. Khagendra Prasad Ojha

Dear Students and Guardians,
I take this great opportunity to express unbound happiness upon efforts and adroit dedications of all which have intuited the college to attain superb academic achievements to make it a first choice of the scholars looking into exploring their career goals in the field of management education.

The college today is perceived to be one of the excellent centres of management studies in Nepal evident from the oustanding HSEB(+2) and TU (MBS and BBS) academic results. The reasons behind all attained academic results are no other apt and efficient teamof management working in close collaboration with teh dedicated team of teachers and inquistive as well as highly disciplined students geared to seek out their aspirated life building goals under the enlightening guidance of the academicians and leading personalities in the field.

GCM has successfully incorporated the direct involvement of the professional academicians so as the ensure strong educational platform. The college is now established as an excellent learning center for management studies.