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BBA at Liberty College is designed to promote and prepare students for positions of leadership and responsibility in the areas of business and management. The degree is highly valued by reputed employers and after being referred as golden passport, they offer its holder  an edge by opening more doors of opportunities. The BBA at the college has been established as one of the widely sought-after degrees in the country and since its launch in 2009, the Liberty College BBA program has been received very well by the students.

The program covers a period of four academic years spread over eight semesters and126 credit hours. The program also requires students to complete a summer project and an internship adding 6 credits.

The first six semesters are devoted to building the fundamental concept of management. The last two semesters offer elective and specialization courses which enable the students to develop specialized and focused skills and knowledge in the area of their choice. Liberty College educational methods such as lectures, small group exercises, field visits, management games, project works, case studies, and presentations are used with a participatory approach. Computers, statistical tools and audio- visual aidsare also used to enable an environment conducive to teaching learning activities.

Better Job Opportunities can be the prime reason for doing BBA. There exist many sectors in which the students get placed. This presents lucrative career options in the world of business and corporate management. It gives an edge over other students due to the practical knowledge a student gets which is a good way to have the option of great career Growth.

Larger Perspective of Business World is another advantage of the course. Students acquire management skills at the very early stage. It helps the student learn the knowledge of the business world and act as a leader to take decisions in the business world.

In today’s competitive world where everybody wishes to become an entrepreneur, this course helps you think more precisely on different aspects of running a business. It helps in building tactical skills.

Greater challenges are faced during the course and you get 4 years’ time period to learn the concepts comprehensively. The course helps develop a holistic approach towards management.

A college can teach you only as much as you are willing to learn. Liberty has made a lot of changes in the curriculum to help students learn better and get better jobs. When the job market has been really down, most of the students of BBA from Liberty got placed, and a few who were not placed are still getting placement assistance.

We are giving additional out core knowledge related to all the areas of management subjects. Some worked on their presentation skills and soft skills. Many students Participate in clubs and committees, debates and quizzes. Many BBA students have Participated in International Conferences and got their research papers published. The image of Liberty has reached a height in top Business Schools of Nepal, it has happened because of our Students and the Environment provided by the College Management. The college has given enough opportunities to students and some have made the most out of them.

Liberty College is a place where students careers are shaped and secured. Various activities are conducted like International conference, seminars, Management fests, Case study competitions, foreign faculties interaction and lectures programs. Such activities are rarely found in any Business College of Nepal.
Liberty College is a right platform to secure your Future!

Year1, Semester 1

English I- 3 Credit Hours

Business Mathematics I-3 Credit Hours

Financial Accounting I-3 Credit Hours

Principles of Management-3 Credit Hours

Computer and IT Applications-3 Credit Hours


Year1, Semester 2

English II-3 Credit Hours

Business Mathematics II-3 Credit Hours

Financial Accounting II-3 Credit Hours

General Phycology-3 Credit Hours

Introductory Macroeconomics3 Credit Hours


Year 2, Semester 3

Business Communication II-3 Credit Hours

Business Statistics-3 Credit Hours

Essentials of Finance-3 Credit Hours

Fundamentals of Sociology-3 Credit Hours

Introductory Macroeconomics-3 Credit Hours


Year 2, Semester 4

Business Communication II-3 Credit Hours

Data Analysis & Modeling-3 Credit Hours

Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior-3 Credit Hours

Principles of Marketing-3 Credit Hours

Financial Management-3 Credit Hours


Year 3, Semester 5

Basics of Managerial Accounting-3 Credit Hours

Business Research Methods-3 Credit Hours

Management of Human Resources-3 Credit Hours

Fundamentals of Operations Management-3 Credit Hours

Concentrations I-3 Credit Hours


Year 3, Semester 6

Introduction to Management Information system-3 Credit Hours

Legal Aspects of Business and Technology-3 Credit Hours

Business and Society-3 Credit Hours

Project work-3 Credit Hours

Concentration II-3 Credit Hours


Year 4, Semester 7

Business Environment of Nepal-3 Credit Hours

Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship-3 Credit Hours

Internship-3 Credit Hours

Elective I-3 Credit Hours

Concentration III-3 Credit Hours

Year 4, Semester 8

Strategic Management-3 Credit Hours

Introduction to International Business-3 Credit Hours

Essentials of E-Business-3 Credit Hours

Elective II-3 Credit Hours

Concentration II-3 Credit Hours


CONCENTRATION: Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Small Business and Entrepreneurship.


ELECTIVES: Society and Politics, Econometrics, Environment and Ecology, Media and Public Relations, Energy and sustainable development, Technology for Development, Population Dynamics and Development Challenges, Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

We enroll new students into undergraduate program BBA & BHM once a year, in August.

We look for promising individuals in terms of intellectual ability and professional capability. We consider your application holistically and give proper attention to factors such as your background, experiences, perspectives, aspirations, values, accomplishments, and your fitness with Liberty culture and undergraduate program. No single factor- whether your previous academic background, score on admission test, personal interview –is decisive for your admission.

Further, your application will be evaluated on the criteria of your intellectual strength, your leadership potential, your personal qualities and contributions, and the expected diversity of an undergraduate class.


To be eligible for applying to study an undergraduate program at Liberty, you must have a CGPA of 2.00 out of 4.00 or a second division and 12 years of formal schooling in any discipline.

Final selection and admission will be based on your performance on the written test, personal interview, and previous academic performance. Applicants are required to complete and pass the admission test administered by the college in the following subject areas:

  • Verbal ability
  • Quantitative ability
  • Logical reasoning
  • General Awareness

Here is an overview of the application process:


You need to fill out the prescribed application form and provide the attested copies of all supporting documents within the given deadlines.

Admission Test 

You must appear in the written test conducted by the College on a pre-informed date/s.

Personal Interview

Once you are successful in Admission Test and Presentation, you will be invited for a Personal Interview.

Decision for admission

The Admissions Committee considers a candidate’s potential for success in the College and beyond to grant admission. The College reserves all rights regarding admissions decisions, and the decisions once made by the College will be final. All successful candidates are informed about the admission decisions on time.

Admissions Office and Services

You will find our staff members at the Admissions Office willing to answer your questions and assist you with the application process.

Learning Strategy is an Individual’s approach to complete a task. More specifically, a learning strategy is an individual’s way of organizing and using a particular set of skills in order to learn or accomplish the task more effectively. The Liberty college provides the necessary environment where students can enhance their skills by acquiring extensive knowledge. Teachers students’ relationship is quite effective in terms of delivering and receiving knowledge. Students are encouraged to become an artistic, curative and strategic leader. Presentations, Quizzes, Case study analysis, Group discussions, Class tests, and make-up classes are some of the class activities which makes students feel easier to link the theoretical with the practical part which makes the learning interesting and easy.

We have a well-equipped computer lab where students can use it in their spare time for their valuable work. We have “Entrepreneurship Incubation center” where student’s ideas are groomed and made them innovative in the field of the entrepreneurial journey.

The Liberty college has a diverse environment, contexts, and cultures of Learning!

Pokhara University follows a four-point letter grade system. The letter grades awarded to students will be as follows:

Grade       Grade Point        Description
A 4.0 Excellent
A- 3.7
B+ 3.3
B 3.0 Good
B- 2.7
C+ 2.3
c 2.0 Satisfactory
C- 1.7
0+ 1.3
0 1.0 Minimum Requirement
 F                      0           Fail

In some rare and unusual circumstances, if a student is unable to complete all the required works for the course, he/she may be temporarily marked with an incomplete grade “I”.  If all the required works are not completed within the following semester. The   letter “I”   will be automatically converted into “F”.  The performance of a student is evaluated in terms of the following two indices:

  • The semester grade point average (SGPA) which is the grade point average for the semester and is given by:
  • SGPA = Total honor points earned in a semester/ total number of credit hours taken in a semester.
  • The cumulative grade point average (CGPA) which is the grade point average for all completed semester and is given by COPA= Cumulative total honor points earned/ cumulative total number of credit hours taken.

Repeating a Course

A course may be taken only once for the grade.  Since the passing of all courses individually is a degree requirement, the student must retake the failing course when offered and must successfully complete the course.  A student will be allowed to retake a maximum of two courses to achieve a minimum CGPA of 2.0. The grade earned on the retake examination will substitute the earlier grade earned by the student in that course.  A student can retake a course only when it is offered by the college/university.

Up to 25% of the total credit hours of the courses completed in an equivalent program of a recognized institution may be transferred/ waived for credit on the recommendation of the principal of the college.  For the credit transfer.  a student must receive a “B” or above grade in the respective course.  Courses taken earlier than five years from the time of transfer may not be accepted for the credit transfer. However, a student transferring from one program to another program of Pokhara University may receive a credit transfer of all the compatible courses completed with at least a “C” grade.

A student may apply for withdrawal from the entire semester only on medical grounds.  The principal will examine the application for semester withdrawal, and depending on the gravity of the case, he/she will make the decision. No partial withdrawal from the courses registered in a semester will be considered.

Students are required to do an independent capstone project that involves fieldwork and its empirical analysis.  In the end, the students must prepare a report of this work in the prescribed format and submit it to the authorized person/body. The objective of these project works is to develop student’s skills in research, particularly in areas of data collection, processing, analysis and report writing. These reports will be evaluated by the concerned authority.

Students need to do an internship as approved by the college. The purpose of the internship is to provide students with the real-life, on-the-job exposure and an opportunity to apply theoretical concepts in a real-life situation.  Students’ interest and intended area of concentration is taken into account while making the internship placement decisions.

Students are strictly forbidden from adopting any unfair means in class assignments, tests, report-writing and a final examination. The following would be considered as the adoption of unfair means during the examination: Communication with fellow students for help.

  • Copying from another student’s script/report/paper.
  • Copying from disk, the palm of the hand, mobile phone, or other incriminating documents. Processing from any incriminating documents, whether used or not.
  • Any direct or indirect approach to influence teacher for the grade. Unruly behavior which disrupts the academic program.

If the instructor detects a student using unfair means the student may be given an ‘F’ at the discretion of the Examination Board.  Adoption of unfair means may further result in the expulsion of the student from the program, college, and the University as well.

Provision for Re-totaling and Rechecking

Students may apply for re-totaling or rechecking of their grades as per the University rules.

Dismissal from the Program

A student must obtain 2.0 CGPA at the undergraduate level. If his/her performance in the past semesters does not show the possibility of maintaining this CGPA. He/she may be dismissed from the program.

Degree Requirements

For graduation a student should:
  • earn at least a ‘D’ grade in each course as specified in the grading system section,
  • complete the internship with ‘Pass’ grade
  • complete all the courses, project work, and internship as specified in the curricular structure,
  • a section within the maximum time period mentioned in the duration of the study section,
  • Maintain at least 2 CGPA.

Distinction and Dean’s List

A student who obtains 3.6 CGPA or above will receive the BBA-BI degree with distinction. The Dean’s List recognizes outstanding academic performances in the FMS. To qualify, a student must have 3.7 CGPA or above.

Management Fest

Management related activities is a must criterion for making a management college as the best Business School. So being one of the best management school, Liberty College also organizes management related competitions which are conducted in the form of Management Fest. The management fest competition of Liberty College takes place every year, and the events are evenly distributed among the semesters all throughout the year. The events that are conducted in the Management Fest are mentioned below.

  • Idea Pitching
  • Tag the Brand
  • Mad Ad
  • Presentation
  • Public Speaking
  • Business Debate
  • Business Quiz
  • Case Analysis
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Visual Ad Competition
  • Business Plan Development Competition
  • Art Competition.


 Industry Tour

Industry Tour, which we can also call a field visit, is an integral part of the BBA and BHM Program delivery mechanism at Liberty College. Before they go for the visit, the students are also given classes on what information to look for in the visit and how to prepare a report before submitting it to college. Students are then taken to the industries to learn the application part of what they have learned in the theory inside the classroom. In the industries, students observe the operating cycle and various another aspect of business and they come back and do the presentation in the classroom.

Sports Meet

 With a belief that students, when engaged in sports activities, help them improve their focus on school work, Liberty College organizes sports meet every year. Our college believes that sports help in keeping our student healthy and fit. Research shows that students who are academically strong and if they participate in at least one extracurricular physical activity are proven to reap more benefits than those who do not take part. Research also shows that when students are seeking academic success, they also need a break from the classroom to remain focused.


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