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GCI also offers MBA program in affiliation with Mid-Western University (MWU) during the day shift targeted for fresh graduates.

Mid-Western University (MWU) MBA is a pioneering program in Nepal, which responds to the current and emerging need of the business, corporate world and also responds the need of the Government entities. MWU MBA has been formed to prepare young individuals for careers as successful managers and entrepreneurs by developing managerial competence and acumen for the changing world. MWU MBA envisions itself to emerge as a leading management program which emphasizes to acquire state-of-the-art management knowledge and techniques in a practical and application oriented learning environment. Students would be able to develop analytical and creative ability to diagnose situations and address them in a more rational way in the context of changing environment; and they would be able to apply and integrate management concepts and skills to local situations with global perspectives and further would develop specialization in one functional management discipline; and hence would demonstrate professional values, practices and behaviors in managing organizations.

✅Participative and student centered teaching learning
✅Research-based practices and real time case studies/seminars
✅Time tested curriculum
✅Business incubation and leadership programs
✅Out-reach orientation and induction workshop
✅Courses delivered by prominent faculty of national and international repute
✅National/multinational internship and placement opportunities
✅International faculties for specific courses
✅Highly competitive courses of 70 credits with seminar series and graduate project report (GRP)
✅Specialization in Finance, Marketing and Human Resource (HR)

The MWU MBA course structure is designed to enrich both theoretical and practical knowledge in management while helping them to enhance the depth and breadth of their managerial capabilities. It contains the best and the latest in management knowledge and practice to keep students updated with the evolving nature and challenges of management.

The level of courses that lead to MBA at MWU includes the following:

  • Foundation [18 Credits]
  • Management Core [24 credits]
  • Integrative [12 Credits]
  • Concentration [9 Credits]
  • Internship and Project Work [7 Credits]
  • Student is required to complete altogether 23 courses totaling 70 credit hours to get the MBA degree

Mid Western University offers an international standard curriculum and course cycle for MBA program of total 70 Credit Hours of courses. All the course details are made available at Virtual Class (Moodle) and the access to these courses can be sent to

Semester – I [18 Credits]
  • Foundations of Management [MGT 511, 3]
  • Critical Thinking [MGT 512, 3]
  • Business Communication [MGT 513, 3]
  • Financial and Management Accounting [MGT 514, 3]
  • Research Methodology [MGT 515, 3]
  • Quantitative Approach to Management [MGT 516, 3]
Semester – II [18 Credits]
  • Marketing Management [MGT 521, 3]
  • Management Information Systems [MGT 522, 3]
  • Managerial Economics [MGT 523, 3]
  • Financial Management [MGT 524, 3]
  • Human Resource Management [MGT 525, 3]
  • Organizational Behavior [MGT 526, 3]
Semester – III [18 Credits]
  • Strategic Management [MGT 531, 3]
  • Production and Operation Management [MGT 532, 3]
  • Total Quality Management [MGT 533, 3]
  • Entrepreneurship and Technology Management [MGT 534, 3]
  • Corporate Law [MGT 535, 3]
  • International Business and Strategy [MGT 536, 3]
Semester – IV [16 Credits]
  • Specialization Courses [ 9 Credits ] (Any one from Finance, HRM & Marketing)
    • Finance Specialization [9 Credits]
      • Financial Institution and Market [MGT 546, 3]
      • Strategic Financial Management [MGT 547, 3]
      • Security Analysis and Portfolio Management [MGT 548, 3]
    • Human Resource Management – HRM Specialization [9 Credits]
      • Compensation and Benefit Management [MGT 549, 3]
      • Performance Management [MGT 550, 3]
      • Human Resources Development [MGT 551, 3]
    • Marketing Specialization [9 Credits]
      • Brand Management [MGT 552, 3]
      • Sales Management [MGT 553, 3]
      • Service Marketing [MGT 554, 3]
  • Internship [MGT 555, 3]
  • Graduate Research Project [MGT 556, 4]
  • An Introduction to Nepal (AIN) [MGT 557, 0]


Each student must complete a 10 weeks internship in any company/firm of interest to garner the real work experience while in study.

Enriched Credit Hour up to 03 credits will be assigned for AIN.

MBA emphasizes more on student-active involvement and learning by the students themselves rather than on teaching them. It aims to adopt teaching methods that facilitate students’ active participation and involvement.

The main modes of teaching are:

  • Lecturer and guest lecturer;
  • Group discussion and presentations;
  • Field visits;
  • Seminar and conferences;
  • Project work assignments, Role play etc.


Throughout the two-year program, students are motivated to define and analyze the problems or issues, evaluate options and make the decision. Lecture, oral presentation, and other teaching methods like role playing, classroom exercises, debates etc. are used to complement the case method and project works.


The applicant seeking admission to the MBA program at GCI should meet with the criteria stated under:

  • Fluent in oral and written English communication
  • Strong learning aptitude and sound mental health
  • Successfully completed a twelve-year schooling and bachelor degree or its equivalent from any university, board or institute recognized by Mid-Western University
  • Secured at least second division or 2.0 CGPA in the bachelor level.
  • Compiled with all the application procedure
Required Documents:
  • Application Form (Completed and Signed) along with 2 passport size photographs
  • Copies of all relevant academic qualifications and transcripts
  • Letter of relevant academic qualification and transcripts.
  • Letter of reference from at least one reference.
  • Complete academic qualification transcript, Character certificate and migration.
Selection Criteria:
  • Computer Based Test of Multiple Choice Questions (CBT-MCQ)
    • Verbal Ability
    • Quantitative Ability
    • Logical Reasoning
    • General Awareness
  • Group Discussions
  • Interview

In each Semester the faculty members are responsible for the course and they evaluate the academic performance of students in each course offered. The academic performance of the students will be judged through:

  • Continuous In-semester evaluation
  • End-semester Examination


The Continuous In-semester evaluation of the student will be made by the concerned faculty member in any or a combination of:

  • Written test
  • Workshop and seminar
  • Assignments
  • Semester paper
  • Project work
  • Case studies and group discussion
  • Quizzes and oral test

In each course, the academic performance of a student will be evaluated on a 4-point scale which is as follows:

GradePointsGrade Description
B+3.5Very Good
D1.0Very Poor

FALL Intake: August/September

SPRING Intake: December/January

Since its founding in 2009, the Global College International has grown to become Nepal’s flagship, known for the excellence of its teaching, its research, its practical knowledge and its service to national and international communities.

As we look to the future one thing is certain – knowledge will be a significant resource and will be highly sought-after within Nepal and around the world. Our challenge is to help to generate ideas that will benefit community, and to educate and train people to work in fields where they will be treasured both for their specialized knowledge, and for their ability to research, communicate and solve problems.

MBA study is a powerful agent to shape your future. Accordingly, our curriculum and research programs are designed to meet your needs. They develop individual and organizational capabilities to compete on a global stage. We also foster opportunities to    pursue projects with genuine potential to    significantly impact industry sectors.

MBA study at the Global College International offers the opportunity to    undertake advanced disciplinary study and research alongside academics who are renowned and who understand the business world in which you will work. At GCI we have an unconditional commitment to quality teaching and    research in topics that are future-focused and relevant to the commercial world  today.

We are committed to your development, in terms of both knowledge acquisition and career advancement. A range of extracurricular activities provide an opportunity to hone your skills and knowledge.

Beyond the individual subject content, we expect FROM THE our students to acquire the following attributes:

– Mastery of a body of knowledge in a chosen field of study in business

– Capacity for independent critical, conceptual and reflective thinking and enquiry

– Capacity to locate, evaluate and use information effectively

– Ability to communicate knowledge and ideas effectively

– Ability to work independently and in collaboration with others

We equip you with the highest level of research and analytical skills and the ability to engage in critical thinking and problem solving. You will extend your creative thinking capabilities and develop effective communication and presentation skills.

We have maintained our close connection and network to our wider communities of interest within Nepal and internationally. This will help to ensure the ongoing relevance of our academic programs and the continued excellence of our teaching, learning and research. Take this opportunity to challenge yourself intellectually and to arm yourself with the disciplinary frameworks and research capabilities needed to lay the foundations for a career in research, academia or industry.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Global College International.

Dr. Akshay Arora
Program Director

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