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What is BTTM?

Bachelor of Travel & Tourism Management is a four-year degree designed to create tourism and hospitality industry leaders providing management knowledge, technical skills and insights that are needed to be professional in the tourism world.

A 6-month work placement/internship in the final semester year gives invaluable industry experience. The course thoroughly explores the links between various aspects and segments of tourism, while a flexible approach gives the opportunity to focus on tourism and hospitality.


BTTM delivers the skills necessary for professional engagement across diverse fields of tourism from strategic destination development through to designing and delivering memorable visitor experiences.

A high level of industry engagement is central to the four-year degree. Field trips to many significant tourist destinations and attractions gives the chance to experience theory in practice and learn directly from owners, managers, experts and specialists.

How is BTTM?

BTTM degree is awarded after the completion of 126 credits. The course has been designed in such a way that graduates of BTTM will be able to work in different areas and positions within the tourism industry. The degree is concerned with the management of different institutions or businesses, such as resorts, hotels, airlines, attractions or historic sites.

Knowledge that is crucial to success in the tourism industry – analytical, critical thinking, problem solving, and research and communication – is embedded in a curriculum that offers specialist core subjects and specialised electives.

Program Objectives

The BTTM course has been designed to prepare the students to enter the hospitality industry as middle management level employees/managers/trainers and to serve in the travel and tourism sectors. It is a four-year fulltime semester system course designed to produce a professional human resource for the dynamically growing travel and tourism sector of Nepal. This program explores the wide variety of services provided by today’s travel and tourism industry while developing the business knowledge and skills required for success in the private and public sector of tourism.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course the students will be able to:

  • gain an understanding of travel and tourism and its operation both theoretically and practically;
  • gain knowledge about not just the fundamentals of travel and tourism but also about the more advanced concepts related to the field;
  • gain knowledge about the policies related to travel and tourism;
  • understand tourism in the light of Nepalese society;
  • handle the function of international tourist service operation including handling, managing and planning tours, treks, and rafting program;
  • handle domestic and international ticketing;
  • get employment in national as well as an international market;
  • develop an entrepreneurship skill in the travel and tourism industry;
  • join a higher level course in travel and tourism

The objective of the program is to enable the students to work as competent middle level managers and to meet the demand of Tourism Industry. They also should be able to function as a supervisor in other areas such as business, industry and government and non-government sectors. The core objectives of the program are:


  • To equip the student with required conceptual knowledge to manage the tourism industry
  • To prepare middle level managers for the tourism and hospitality areas
  • To enhance knowledge and skill of tourism and hospitality environment in national and global perspective particularly in the tourism sector
  • To encourage entrepreneurial capabilities in students to make them effective change agent in Tourism sector

1st Semester

CodeSubjectCredit hr
BTTM 311Principles of Management3
BTTM 312Fundamentals of Tourism3
BTTM 313Introduction to Hospitality Management3
BTTM 314English3
BTTM 315Principles of Marketing3
BTTM 316Travel Service Operation Management I3


2nd Semester

CodeSubjectCredit hr
BTTM 321Tourism Economics3
BTTM 322Computer & Information Technology3
BTTM 323Business Communication3
BTTM 324Language I (Chinese/French/Spanish)3
BTTM 325Travel Service Operation Management II3
BTTM 326Adventure Tourism3


3rd Semester

CodeSubjectCredit hr.
BTTM 331Language II (Chinese/French/ Spanish)3
BTTM 332Managerial Accounting for Travel and Tourism3
BTTM 333Sustainable Tourism Development3
BTTM 334Tourism Products Development3
BTTM 335Culture and Heritage Tourism in Nepal3


4th Semester

CodeSubjectCredit hr.
BTTM 341Business Finance3
BTTM 342Tourism and Environment3
BTTM 343Tourism Geography3
BTTM 344GDS (Global Distribution System) Ticketing3
BTTM 345Entrepreneurship Development in Tourism and Hospitality3


5th Semester

CodeSubjectCredit hr.
BTTM 351Tourism Law3
BTTM 352E-Tourism3
BTTM 353Tourism Policy, Planning and Development3
BTTM 354Tour Guiding3
BTTM 355Human Resource Management for Travel and Tourism3


6th Semester

CodeSubjectCredit hr.
BTTM 361Marketing for Travel and Tourism3
BTTM 362Air Cargo Management3
BTTM 363Event Management3
BTTM 364Organizational Behaviour for Travel and Tourism3
BTTM 365Peace Tourism3


7th Semester

CodeSubjectCredit hr.
BTTM 371Strategic Management for Tourism3
BTTM 372Destination Management3
BTTM 373Statistics and Research Methodology3
BTTM 374Crisis and Disaster Management in Tourism3
BTTM 375Airlines Operation Management3


8th Semester

CodeSubjectCredit hr.
BTTM 381Industrial attachment/ Internship Report 123
BTTM 382Project Report3

GCI is equipped with the infrastructures and facilities that are required for the teaching/learning environment and for the growth of the students. The features can be categorized as

  1. Facilities



  1. Approach to teaching

Digital Library

Physical library

Virtual Class

  1. Opportunities



Job placement

  1. Student Support

Students Center

Evaluation will be conducted by internal assessment with 50 percent by continuous assessment and 50 percent through end-of-semester examinations. The breakdown of allocated marks for internal assessment will be specified in the university regulations. A student is required to pass the internal and external evaluations independently. The final grade awarded on the basis of his/her consolidated performance in both internal and external evaluations.

In each Semester the faculty members are responsible for the course and they evaluate the academic performance of students in each course offered. The academic performance of the students will be judged through:

Continuous In-semester evaluation

End-semester Examination

The Continuous In-semester evaluation of the student will be made by the concerned faculty member in any or a combination of:

Written test

Workshop and seminar


Semester paper

Project work

Case studies and group discussion

Quizzes and oral test  

The Bachelor program in Hospitality and Travel & Tourism program is tailored made to serve the needs of the bright young persons who have completed twelve years of education and are looking for an education in travel and tourism management profession or towards higher education in the related field.

This program is open to students with diverse educational backgrounds including, humanities, science, arts and management. However, being a program with challenging curricula and content, it is accessible mainly to those students who have excellent academic record and high potential for success. Accordingly, candidates for this program are carefully screened through a selective admission test process.

A candidate for being eligible for admission to the degree course in bachelor’s in Hospitality and Tourism Management shall have passed 12th Standard Examination (H.S.E.B. 10+2) from any stream with English as passing subject and has secured 45% marks at 12th standard.

Every eligible candidate has to pass the entrance test to be taken by the College.

Dear students,

On behalf of Global College International, I am so pleased to welcome you to the college and also 2021 academic year. We feel glad to have you with us and we appreciate all the intellectual and creative energy you tend to bring with you on our joint mission and that is to exert maximum of our educational caliber toward excellence. This is that I in my capacity as a coordinator of BTTM promise to stand on your side; giving my best to execute best educational process which shall be dedicated to nurturing you with advance academic knowledge and also learning that shall result from practical translation of knowledge into skills.

GCI has gained a significant niche in recent years due to the passionate commitment to excellence and diversity that have been noted to play instrumental role to modernizing Bachelor of Travel and Tourism not only as a course of academic excellence but also as a learning avenue for professional and career endowments.

I feel proud to assert that our faculty members are experienced and industry based. Affiliated to Mid-Western University, the academic communities of the university and other stakeholders have started recognizing GCI us the best college for Bachelor of Travel & Tourism Management in Nepal.


As students, you are integral part of our college, and we value your active learning participation and knowledge contributions. At this moment hence,  I really would like to urge you to set goals for your academic journey linked with your future professional career  and to take advantage of all that our college has to offer. You are the reason we are all here—and we want to help you make the most of your time with us.


My faculty members, administrative staffs, senior batches (#Fabulous1st and #Sensational2nd) and I look forward seeing you in the college. We are glad to have you as part of GCI family.


I wish to see you a successful & ‘Thriving 3rd’ Batch.




Sushant Marasini

Program Coordinator

Bachelor of Travel & Tourism Management

Global College International

SemesterActivityTrainingSignature Event
IHiking/ Hotel VisitGraphic DesigningPoster Presentation
IIRafting/ Language LunchAirlines TicketingTourism Brochure Designing Competition
IIITrekking/ Heritage WalkCommunication WorkshopInter College Tourism Quiz Contest
IVGeographical TourCustomer ServiceTourism Expo
VGuide-a-tourDigital MarketingTourism Craft Competition
VICargo Office Visit/ International TourContent Writing/BloggingPhotography Contest
VIIPeak Climbing/Airlines VisitSoft Skills


Tourism Ad. Competition
Why should I choose a career in travel and tourism industry?

In Nepal Travel and Tourism industry is the first highest foreign exchange earner. Career in Travel and Tourism industry offers limitless opportunities to students. This industry provides careers with airlines, hotels, travel agencies, tour operators, Cargo agencies, tourism departments, transport companies, NGOs/INGOs, banks etc.

What qualification should I have to start a career in travel and tourism industry?

With the growing demand of professionals, it has become necessary to take formal training from any recognized travel and tourism institute. Many companies prefer to hire students who have completed travel and tourism courses.

Is it necessary to have certificate or degree to work in travel and tourism industry?

A degree in travel and tourism is must for jobs in government offices, tourism departments, airlines etc. Academic course like BTTM helps to get wide variety of jobs in managerial level in the industry.

What are the eligibility criteria for admission to BTTM course?

The basic requirement for admission in BTTM undergraduate level is higher secondary education with minimum of second division (i.e. 45% of CGPA 1.8). Students from any academic discipline with English as a paper can apply for admission.

What information is given to students in BTTM courses?

BTTM is aimed at clearing concepts of students related to ticketing, reservations, tour packages, customer service and much more. Upon successfully completing of these courses, you will get a certificate of completion, which help students in finding excellent placements in a reputed company.

What is the duration of BTTM?

BTTM is a four-year course divided into eight semesters with internship in the eighth.

Where can a student of BTTM do their internship?

Internships can be done in any tourism and hospitality related agencies, associations and institutions. International internships are also available

What are the career options available to BTTM students in travel and tourism industry?

There are lots of opportunities available for students in travel and tourism industry. In travel and tourism industry there is job prospects exist in both public as well as private sector. In the public sector, one can find excellent job in the government tourism departments. On the other hand, in the private sector student can find employment in a travel agencies, hotels, airlines, transport and cargo companies etc.

What type of work is involved in travel and tourism industry?

Travel and Tourism industry is mainly concerned with giving services to people who are going away from home, either on business trip or on a vacation. This industry work area involves dealing with customers, providing ticketing and money exchange facilities, arranging visas, making reservations, providing tourist guides and all-important details that are needed.

What types of jobs available in travel and tourism industry?

Customer service representatives, reservation representatives, flight attendant, meeting planners, cruise assistants, cruise support staff, cruise directors, corporate travel consultant, Holiday consultant, corporate travel manager, home-based agent, tourist guide, money changer, district sales manager, deputy general manager, director of operations, director of sales and marketing, guest services manager, counter clerk, director of tourism, information officer, director of event services, event coordinator, incentive travel specialist, tour coordinators and many more.

Is it easy to open my own travel and tourism agency after the completion of travel and tourism course?

Yes it is easy to open a travel agency fulfilling the due procedure of the nepal government. You can also work as an independent agent with an agency.

How much I can earn in a travel and tourism industry?

Pay scales mainly depend on the company, city, position etc. As a trainee in travel and tourism industry you can expect a starting salary of Rs.7000 ?Rs.10, 000 per month.

What is the future of travel and tourism industry?

Travel and tourism industry in Nepal is booming and will continue to show impressive growth rates. The tie-ups of private airlines with foreign airlines have increased the flow of domestic and foreign tourists in the country. The tourism statistics shows the increasing number of tourists in Nepal and outside, each passing year.

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